How do I place an order?

Please contact us via email at alittlecookieshoppe@gmail.com or our facebook page www.facebook.com/alittlecookieshoppe

Do your cookies contain nuts or nut ingredients?

Our cookies have an almond extract added to them for flavor.  Cookies are made in an environment which uses nut products.  

How much notice do I need to give for ordering cookies?

We ask for a minimum of two weeks notice for custom orders.  

Do you provide gluten free cookies?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer gluten free.  

Do you ship your cookies?

We do not ship. We accept local orders only.  

Can you freeze your cookies?

YES! To freeze the cookies you will place them in a ziploc or Tupperware bowl.  You will then take them out of the freezer the night before you'll be needing them.  DO NOT open the container or ziploc until the cookies are completely thawed.  This is the most important step, opening the container may cause condensation and will ruin the cookies.